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Extend your visit to Beauce in a fully furnished and equipped chalet close to the Miller Zoo!

Very comfortable for 6 adults: Call 418-479-5441

The Miller Zoo, located in Frampton, has nothing to do with other zoos. In fact, it is called that, but its main function is to help and save many animals that are injured or even ready to be slaughtered. Clifford Miller and Emilie Ferland began their mission by offering support to dogs with behavioral problems. It was by welcoming a young orphan deer that the two enthusiasts created a wildlife rehabilitation center which is now called the Miller Zoo.


The Miller Zoo finally opened its doors in July 2013 with a very special mission: to make people better acquainted with animals so that they realize the need to respect wildlife.


Adopted animals are part of the Miller family. Some of these animals were brought in by owners who wanted to get rid of them, while others were rescued from zoos that were now closed due to animal cruelty. Some will be able to return to their natural habitat once they have fully recovered and others, living with permanent disability or injury, will remain comfortable at Miller Zoo. We think of Tony, the blind baboon who could not have survived in his natural environment, since he is approaching 17 years of life thanks to the good care of the Miller family.


You have to take the time to meet each animal in the centre. In winter, many of these animals put on their finest coat, silky and thick, allowing them to spend most of their time playing outside under the white scales. They are ready, curious and comfortable! We can ask all the questions that come to mind and the employees answer them with great generosity. You can also read a description of each animal and the reasons that brought them to Miller's Zoo. It is very interesting to have easy and transparent access to information.


Pets recognize Miller family members and are instantly excited when they see them. With a little luck, you can witness wonderful moments between the employees and the wolves who want to be petted like big dogs. This mutual trust and respect is very touching.


The Miller Zoo offers three different tour options:

The first option is the self-guided tour, ideal for those who want a leisurely visit walking the trails at their own pace. The zoo will be open from 11 h to 15 h as part of a free day and will offer a chalet where you can warm up and eat.

The second option is the guided tour with Cliff. This visit starts every day at 13 h and allows you to have a guide who will give you additional explanations and unpublished anecdotes. A visit that will please the whole family. This visit lasts an average of two hours

Welcome to Beauce and look forward to welcoming you to Domaine de l'Étang – 418-479-5441
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